The Pros and Cons of House Shutters

Plantation shutters, just one of the many popular styles of house shutters, are built-in window treatments that provide elegant statement to a window in comparison with ordinary window treatments like curtains, shades or blinds. These shutters are the reminiscent of the Victorian period of time that actually introduced the use of shutters in the first place.

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As for the installation of plantation shutters, they can be mounted either inside or outside of a window depending upon the purpose and preference. Outside mounts are primarily used for maintaining privacy, and controlling light and air movement while their inside counterparts merely add a design statement to the interior of a building.

Exactly What Are Decorative House Shutters?

Unlike typical blinds or shades, plantation shutters can neither be raised up or down completely because they are made of horizontal slats that are mounted on a solid wooden frame; however, they can be slightly tilted upward or downward in order to let the air and light flow through the room.

Though interior shutters come in a vast variety of materials using solid iron panels, aluminum louvers, tinted glass, stationary louvers or fabric inserts but it is the plantation shutters that provide the best window treatment not only in terms of aesthetics but also for providing optimum weather protection, privacy, security, and other important characteristics.

In the following lines, we are going to highlight some of the salient pros and cons of buying house shutters.

Pros of Plantation Shutters

  • While coming in a plenty of attractive designs, home shutters (wood) add an appealing look to the interior of a building. They really modify the décor of a home with a unique touch of class that one will hardly find in traditional blinds.
  • Plantation shutters can fit any size and shape of a window, no matter how odd or strange it looks. These shutters look equally awesome when installed on arched windows, circular windows, or even diamond shaped windows.
  • They allow smooth airflow into the room besides creating shade. Therefore, they are very popular in warm areas where people are always longing for keeping the interiors of their houses cool.
  • Wooden shutters also offer extra insulation during the winter season by keeping the cold outside the room.

Cons of Plantation Shutters

  • The average cost of house shutters, especially if they are made of premium hardwood, is comparatively higher than that of other window treatment options.
  • The installation cost of plantation shutters is much higher than that of ordinary window treatments.
  • These shutters are attached to the walls for permanent basis and therefore, cannot be removed for cleaning purposes.

Places to Purchase House Shutters Online

Purchasing plantation shutters online is quite easy: simply find a reputable manufacturer and make an order for discount shutters while informing him about all of your requirements including size, design, color, and material. For your convenience, Smith and Nobel, Blinds and Plantation Shutters are a few companies enjoying great reputation for producing high quality plantation shutters and meeting the customer requirements in the best possible manner.

These manufacturers offer plantation shutters in every size, color and design with complete customization options as per customer’s demand. Just name any wooden material including hardwood, Larchwood, Cedar-wood or Craft-wood, and you will be offered with free design samples to judge the quality of the product.

Normally, these manufacturers charge between $30 to $50 for a standard house shutters design measuring 6″ wide and 12″ high; however, the price will increase in proportion with your requirements in terms of material and design. Still, a good thing is that you can get free online quote from the official websites of these companies.

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