Plantation shutters are one of several most popular designs and styles and work well with almost all room patterns. They are most popular as an indoor feature, although exterior, functional models are also available. You can think of them as shutters with a fancy first name – and they are our #1 passion. While they are on the list of most elegant products on the market today, we love learning about how to make them ourselves and share tips with our readers on how to save money in buying them.

These shutters are very well-liked with many homeowners because of their timeless appearance and durability and are often seen in distinctive houses as a result of the large impact which they give. You can easily angle them to allow more light to enter, while keeping prying eyes out. They can be waterproof if required which is suitable for your bathroom or areas with high humidity. Don’t forget that they can also be easily painted to match the decor of your home.

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