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How Much Should Plantation Shutters Cost? — $35, $50, $350? Learn how much the average plantation shutters cost across a wide range of companies and brands.

How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Should plantation shutters cost less or more than traditional interior window shutters?

If you want to make the outside of your house more appealing, you should definitely have an honest look at your windows. Get yourself a nice pair of exterior shutters or if you already have them see if they could use a new coat of paint or need straightening. This is one the easiest and most cost-effective tips on how to greatly enhance your home’s appearance. Also if you have basic woodworking skills, you can always build your own custom shutters which can be painted to complement your home’s colour – this will significantly reduce the wooden plantation shutters cost.

For the less handy, prefabricated solid wood, shutters are attainable at all home-improvement shops and then, of course, you can just paint them to a different color – if I can paint – so can you! The Home Depot plantation shutters cost should be affordable for most people.

wooden shutters prices
Ken Doerr

A more economy option when it comes to the price for shutters which are made of recycled plastic in any of the great number of colors available – these will never need painting. I’ve personally seen most of the homes in my neighborhoud having these kind of non-functional shutters which only serve the decorative purpose of making their windows look nicer. Adding shutters to the outside windows on the home makes for quite a dramatic change in architecture, giving it a great deal more depth and interest. This simple cosmetic change has been proven to help people greatly enhance the value of their homes – in the eyes of potential buyers and with the people who will be viewing your home for a distance all the time – namely, your neighbours! First impressions do count!

Prices on Installed Plantation Shutters Cost

Measurements versus Average Prices (FW = Faux Wood Painted; RW = Real Wood Painted)

16″ X 20″ = $45 (FW); $55 (RW)
24″ X 50″ = $150 (FW); $200 (RW)
36″ X 54″ = $250 (FW); $320 (RW)
36″ X 60″ = $300 (FW); $400 (RW)
42″ X 48″ = $255 (FW); $330 (RW)
48″ X 44″ = $270 (FW); $350 (RW)
52″ X 42″ = $270 (FW); $350 (RW)

While this chart has been provided for your convenience the easiest way is to find out how many square feet your window covers. Anything between $15 – $25 per square foot is definitely a good deal!

Try out the cost of plantation shutters calculator for a fairly accurate tool of how much you will have to pay.

Back when I lived in my small apartment, I was quite satisfied with economy fauxwood shutters which were only $40 for a small 16″ X “20 size and with a very ‘classic’ design. This cheap, $40 deal seemed satisfactory for my student flat with small windows. Yes, cheap plantation shutters cost less than a dinner out for two in an great restaurant.

However, as time went on, and my wife and I eventually moved in a house, we wanted nicer, interior shutters which in our living areas to make the overall ambience of our home warmer. We ended up getting one of the beautiful Norman Wood shutters 46″x46″ to cover the new large window found in our living room. At $400, we certainly got what we paid for, in that ever louver is hand-crafted with the finest craftsmanship resulting in a smooth finish – to the envy of all our guests. (It’s actually the first things they always mention upon visiting our house!) The beauty of ordering online, is that you can first order free samples of the color to test whether it will really work in your house.

Faux Plantation Shutters Cost

Some people also like the faux wood models which are made of a special plastic, but made to realistically look like wood. The one big benefit is that they were made of hollow PVC which made them super-easy to clean. They also don’t warp and can be ideal in situations where humidity is a concern. They tend to be somewhat more economical – but I say somewhat because a designer brand’s plantation shutters cost can be just as much as the ones made of real wood.

Another great benefit of having shutters is that they can serve a bit like barriers to keep thieves away. This is especially true of roller shutters and aluminum shutters which can even help with guarding your house from winds. But all this is slightly off-topic – most people get plantation shutters to add a touch of class to the overall look of their house.

How about a few downsides

It hurts us to say that not everyone is such a huge fan of these shutters as we are, but some people really are not crazy about them. Some people feel limited by what they can do. For example, you can’t really add much drapery or curtains to them, as they often don’t mix. The biggest downside however is usually the cost. They really cost as much as 10 – 20 times the price of ordinary types. Part of the problem is that so many window sizes are different and that they often have to be made custom to accomodate odd window sizes.

The goal of this article was to educate you about the vital aspects of choosing shutters. Apply the advice that was given to you to begin choosing the ideal brand for you and the plantation shutters cost will never frighten you!

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